could it be a dream ?

the people are coming but where are they going ? there is no place to go here there are men and women all different and still somewhat alike they are walking through the hard packed snow the fog is really thick i can't believe they can tell where they are heading perhaps i should go and tell them yes , they probably don't know it yet but then again it is quite unbelievable i'll get my jacket and boots shit , this is cold ! where are they ? i can't see them anymore oh well , too bad i'll just go back in again then back in ? i turned around but my house was gone but i had just stepped out of my door it had to be there right there in front of me i walked a few steps forward it wasn't there all the other houses were gone i seemed to be standing in a great big nowhere all on my own out here in the cold this couldn't be happening it's probably just a dream and i'll wake up soon yes , that'll be it i needn't worry but it is getting quite chilly already i hope i'll wake up soon because this isn't comfortable anymore i'll just walk around a bit to keep warm it was getting darker now too this is getting tiring but i'm sure i should have woken up by now i still had wanted to have supper what if all of this wasn't a dream after all what if it all was happening to me really oh no , now it's starting to snow too i don't want this to go on ! can't anybody help me ! there must be some way out of this perhaps if i shall just lie down and have a short rest no , i can't i'd freeze to death out here but i am feeling rather tired i can't fall asleep no , i can't no

what is this ? where am i ? i'm in a big room everything is white is this heaven ? no , i don't believe in all of this but then where am i ? someone is lying next to me i don't think i have seen her before she is quite a pretty girl but she still seems to be sleeping i'll try not to wake her up then i can hear some noise ah , perhaps there are some more people here where's the door ? i'll have a peek through it but , but those are the people i saw from my window what are they all doing here ? they all seem to have to do something i'll just go in and ask one of them where we are excuse me excuse me ! can't they hear me ? this is odd they don't even seem to see me i'll go back to the room i came from , perhaps the girl knows something about all of this this looks familiar why , sure i'm back in my living room but how did i get here ? perhaps it all was a dream after all well then i'll have something to eat now but that girl in kitchen ?!

© d wolschner
feb 1996
mum, i thank you for everything you have done for me!