Imaginary Imaginations

I imagine what it would be like to love
to love a person so truly it hurt
it hurts to think of a time thereafter
when love would leave and hope would fade

I dream a dream of starlights
the glittering sea in winter nights
when the moon reflects a million times
on little small snowflakes one at a time

I remember the summer, the sun and fun
talking and laughing all through the night
or sitting beneath a tree in peace and tranquility
just listening to birds and watching the bees

I think I could, I should, I would
return to the place back in the woods
and collect my thoughts to stand up and say
this is it, this is the way

back to eternity to a place far away
where my star enters a galaxy of hope
and my mind explodes into a world of dreams
just like the day when I started to live

© daniel wolschner
oct 1998