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Austrian Political Parties (UK - EU - others)
Die Grünen - The Green Party
..The website of an environmentally and socially conscious party.

Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs - Socialdemocrat Party
..The SPÖ was in government for more than 25 years until it was ousted by a sudden coalition between the two right-wing parties.

Liberales Forum - Liberal Party
..Austria's liberals left the Freedom Party a few years back because of its right-wing policies. After a few years in parliament they are now basically vanished

Österreichische Volkspartei - Conservative People's Party
..Up until recently Austria's second strongest party, but now number three behind the Freedom Party - and still it holds the post of prime minister through some slick dealing with the extreme-right FPÖ.

Die Freiheitlichen - Far-right Freedom Party
..Ever since Jörg Haider took over the party in 1986 it has used populist, xenophobic election campaigns to successfully win votes from the two main parties SPÖ and ÖVP and is now in government and is causing havoc to Austria's democratic institutions.

UK Political Parties (Austria - EU - others)
Liberal-Democrat Party
..Fairly successful in elections but due to the election system with only a hypothetic chance of really winning

Green Party a lot of local councils but at the moment without a chance to get into parliament.

Labour Party
..Took over government from the Conservatives in 1997 in a so-called landslide victory after having spent some 20 years in opposition. won a second term in 2001 by nearly the same margin

Conservative Party
..Ruled Britain for nearly two decades under Margaret Thatcher and John Major. Now it tries to use Jörg Haider-like policies and speeches to win votes...

Political Parties in the European Parliament (Austria - UK - Others)
Greens and European Free Alliance

Party of European Socialists

European Liberal, Democratic and Reform Party

European People's Party and European Democrats

European United Left and Northern Green Left

Group for a Europe of Democracies and Diversities

Union for Europe of Nations

Other Political Parties (Austria - UK - EU)
Die Grünen Deutschlands - Germany's Green Party

Green Party of the US
..the main green party in the US. for other green party links in north america go to

U.S. Democratic National Committee

top ... GOVERNMENTS and PARLIAMENTS (Parties - Others)
Österreichische Bundesregierung - Austrian Federal Government
..good website with extensive information and help both in German and English

Parlament der Bundesrepublik Österreich - Austrian Federal Parliament
..all readings of parliamentary sessions are published on the web but only in German

UK Government
..the governmental website has greatly improved since the change of rule

UK Parliament
..extensive site for both houses of parliament

US Whitehouse
..the united states government - where it all started...

European Union - Europäische Union
..the layout of the European Union Commission website is rather terrible but the resources are extensive - more or less all documents are in all eleven official EU languages

European Parliament - Europäisches Parlament
..this site is quite good too - including information on all the MEPs

European Convention - Europäischer Konvent
..The site about the convention on the future of the European Union

Governments on the WWW

Parliaments on the Web

top ... Other Political Websites (Parties - Governments)
United Nations Organisation

UN in Vienna


UN High Commission for Human Rights

Amnesty International


The Marx/Engels Internet Archive

CIA World Factbook

International Monetary Fund

World Bank - International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

World Trade Organisation

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

Wien Online

Austrian Political Stockmarket

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