he who weeps, just never sleeps!
the dish of beans went round the chair
and flew away to find somewhere
i did not dare to go alone
but then i found a little stone
you might not always know it
when you think you show it
so now i'ld run
to leave the pun
a little joke on either side
is nothing anyone could hide
i do not say i do not love
cause it is nice to see a dove
men say the women talk and chatter
but i don't think it does really matter
my friends are people who i like
to go with me on another hike
of course the beans would then return
to let the butter still further churn
the man i saw down in the street
cannot find balance on his feet
and now i would like to live and laugh
then go and take a nice hot bath
if anyone now thinks i'm crazy
i would just say i am not lazy
so please come here and party on
until the rise of the good, old dawn

© d wolschner
oct 1997